Hatch is a monthly event that invites you to bring forward an idea, problem or opportunity that you'd like to share. Think social networking meets crowdsourcing but face to face.

#hatch: the april edition

The next edition of #hatch is happening tonight!

WHERE: Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market.

WHEN: Monday April 2nd at 6:30pm

WHAT: #hatch is a night that brings together people from all walks of life who have different skills, experiences and interests. It allows 10-15 people to share an idea, project, business plan, etc. with the greater group and have brainstorming sessions to problem solve any issues they are encountering. 


1.) Come out to the Supermarket, try to be on time as we like to have everyone there to hear all of the idea’s pitches at the beginning of the night. Grab a beverage or some food if you’d like, mix, mingle…

2.) The first round of “ideas people” (5 people to start) have two minutes each to tell the larger group who they are, what their idea/challenge/project/etc. is all about and the issues they are facing or the direction they are trying to go in. This is an opportunity for the whole group to listen to all 5 ideas and decide which one they are going to generate towards when we split up into smaller groups.

3.) We break up the room into 5 sections, each “idea person” has a section. The larger group decides which person they want to go to and they go there!

4.) We go through a 25-30 minute discussion, problem solving, idea generating session whereby the group has an opportunity to ask more questions, point out potential challenges, share experiences and, ultimately, come up with the best steps for the “ideas person” to take moving forward.

5.) The “ideas person” stands in front of the group again - this time to present what happened in their session and to share their solutions and plans for next steps.


This is a great way to meet new people, expand your mind and have an afterwork beverage. You don’t have to have an “idea” to come, just bring your life experience! 

Photos from our second #hatch event, Tuesday January 31st at Supermarket in Toronto.  Stay tuned for details on our next event.  Thanks to Eric Wainwright for the photos

Photos from our second #hatch event, Tuesday January 31st at Supermarket in Toronto.  Stay tuned for details on our next event.  Thanks to Eric Wainwright for the photos

#Hatch is happening on January 31st

6:30pm at Supermarket on Augusta

It was fun the first time but the second #Hatch is going to be even better. 

A recap - #Hatch is an ideas forum that brings together people and ideas.

Come with an idea or come to hear about other people’s interests, passions and work and contribute your perspectives to help them move their idea forward.

Here’s how it works:

Have an idea? You’ve got 2 minutes to share it with the crowd

After all the ideas have been shared we break off to discuss

Align yourself with the idea you want to contribute to or learn more about

Then, we’ll regroup and hear a quick synopsis of all that unfolded

Break for a beer and then we’ll do it again

We’ve been HATCHED!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the first HATCH event on Tuesday.  We had a great turnout with some great ideas generated!  Stay tuned to find out more details about the second HATCH event…coming late January.  In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch, please email us at hatchtoronto@gmail.com

-Andrea, Leah and Mackay


The inaugural HATCH event will be taking place next Tuesday, November 29th at SUPERMARKET (268 Augusta Avenue, south of College) from 7pm-9pm.

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SUPERMARKET IS easily accessible via TTC.  Take the 506 Carlton Streetcar Westbound from either College or Queen’s Park station.  Get off at College and Major, then walk half a block south on Augusta.

HATCH is launching on November 29th!

There’s a lot going on in this world.

And sometimes, it’s just too easy to feel disconnected, overwhelmed and out of touch. Hatch is the first stop on our journey to connect people, leverage ideas and, ultimately, make the world a better place.

Hatch is a new way to meet people interested in solving problems BIG and small. By bringing people with diverse talents and backgrounds together we think we can accomplish a lot.

It’s pretty basic:

Come to Hatch - share your idea with the group - meet people who are interested and think they can help - take your idea to the next level.

We’ll be holding our first event on November 29th. Stay tuned for all the details and if you’re interested in getting in touch or would just like to say “hello” please drop us a note at hatchtoronto@gmail.com.